Briefly, because the sun is out…

By Midge Raymond,

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A couple interesting things …

George Braziller’s blog offers the Narwhal Awards, to recognize booksellers, agents, publishers, and others in the industry who are finding unique ways to stay afloat in this economy. The first award went to Readers’ Books, which now sells local, organic eggs off its shelves — that is about as unique as you can get for a bookstore.

And I love this new feature from the LA Times: Off the Shelf: Writers on Writing, especially the column “When Second Novels Go Bad” (which is even more depressing for those of us still working on the first). In other entries, Nahid Rachlin remembers her childhood writing room in Iran, and Tod Goldberg  remembers Dungeons & Dragons.

Finally, Writers Out Loud: Literature for the Ear is currently accepting audio submissions — this cool new literary venture “publishes original Voice-Only Prose and Poetry as well as Multi-Audio Prose and Poetry, which may include background music tracks and other sound elements as part of the creative expression.” Check it out.

…and that’s it for today; the sun is shining in Seattle, and I have miles to go before I can bask.

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