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By Midge Raymond,

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While I’ve got summer writing productivity on the brain, I just wanted to share a couple things I’ve come across lately — some of which you may find useful, others of which will provide hours of procrastination.

This blog post is all about WriteRoom software, which promises “distraction free writing.” (Where do we sign up?) It aims to eliminate all the extras that come along with Word (such as margins) and provide a space for nothing but letters on a page. (The one distraction, though, is that it seems to encourage you to choose colors and fonts for your “distraction-free” page.) But hey, think of all the hours of procrastination this software can provide. Check out the blog for a faster –and better yet, free — solution.

If you ever need to go a step beyond the dictionary, visit Wordnik, which provides not only a definition of any word you type in but examples as well, including real-time examples from Twitter. It’s totally cool. (I typed in a four-letter word just for fun, and the results were hilarious.)

And just the other night in class we were talking about last lines, so I’d like to offer American Book Review‘s 100 Best Last Lines of Novels. And for those who are still working toward getting there, here are 100 Best First Lines.

And now, if you’re still reading this, it’s time to get back to your writing.

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