More on book v. Kindle

By Midge Raymond,

  Filed under: On Publishing, On Reading

Check out this recent post on Booksquare about quality control in electronic publishing — an interesting piece that raises concerns for readers and should raise concerns for publishers. I have to admit that of the few Kindle items I’ve read, I’ve had no complaints about quality — and as far as Forgetting English is concerned, we actually fixed a couple of typos, so in that sense we’ve improved the quality. (However, many of the Tongan words are not properly spelled because the Kindle doesn’t support Unicode, so that’s a problem — most likely only for native Tongans and fluent Tongan-speaking readers, but still. And there were a few formatting issues that had to be ironed out.)

For another take on the book versus the Kindle: San Francisco’s Green Apple Books is doing a 10-part video series on The Book vs. The Kindle — they’re pretty goofy but also bring up some interesting points. As of this writing, they’re up to Round 3 … with a day off for an interesting post about self-published authors from a bookseller’s perspective.

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