"Raymond’s eye for telling detail is very fine, as one expects of an accomplished writer, but to this she adds the informing eye of a natural historian of place.”
— John Keeble, author of Nocturnal America
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Weekly Writing: Short story inspiration

In honor of Short Story Month and the Short Story Month Collection Giveaway Project, I’m turning to short stories for inspiration for this week’s writing exercise:

1. Pull one of your favorite short story collections off the shelf.

2. Open to a random page.

3. Write down the first line on that page. (For example, I’ve just picked up Lori Ostlund’s The Bigness of the World, and my random line is: “They had not expected the desert to be like this…”)

4. Write a story of your own based on this one line — erase the original story’s context from your mind, start over, and have fun.


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1 Shanti { 05.03.11 at 10:00 am }

I notice you have a quote from John Keeble at the top of your blog. He was my thesis advisor and mentor. He’s wonderful! I love him!

2 Midge { 05.03.11 at 11:29 am }

Shanti, that is so cool. He is great…I feel so fortunate to have such a nice endorsement of my book from him. I love his work as well.