Weekly Writing: Confinement

By Midge Raymond,

  Filed under: On Writing, Writing prompts

I’ve had confinement on my mind lately, ever since my cat had surgery 12 days ago. He’s been confined to a small space and has to wear one of those awful cones around his head (so sad), and the whole thing has made me think a lot about being trapped, confined, and restricted against one’s will (I’ve tried to explain to him why it’s necessary, but somehow it hasn’t registered). So here are this week’s writing prompts, inspired by the cat (and, in truly exciting news, his cone comes off today):

1. Write about a time you had to do something you didn’t want to do — whether it was something that was “for your own good,” like finishing your peas, or something necessary but unpleasant, like a flu shot or taking your wild, beastly cat to the vet.

2. Write about a time you were physically confined (stuck in an airport, trapped in a stalled subway car, imprisoned in a jail cell). Include all the details you can, including a little backstory for context.

3. Write about a time you felt emotionally trapped (in a relationship, a job, etc.). Again, include all the details and backstory you can.

Fiction writers: If you don’t feel like writing about yourself, apply these exercises to your characters.

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