Bookstore Geek: The Writers’ Workshoppe

By Midge Raymond,

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I was delighted to visit The Writers’ Workshoppe while I was at the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference last week — this spot is a veritable candy store for writers (literally; the store sells chocolate and other goodies).

writers workshoppe

This amazing bookstore and writers’ center offers an abundance of books, gifts (fabulous T-shirts, mugs, coffee, writing implements, and other necessities for readers and writers), as well as writing workshops. Owner (and writer) Anna Quinn‘s vision is that of what every bookstore should be — a hub for writers, readers, and all things literary.


It’s especially fun to browse the stacks here, as Quinn does not merely stock the shelves; she is a curator of her inventory and has arranged books by subject and theme as well as the usual categories, with such sections as “Influential Women Writers You May Not Have Read” and “Best Kick-Ass Female Characters.”

writers as characters

This wonderful spot also offers classes, from weekly workshops to one-day intensives, for writers of all levels and genres. These classes are both literary and hands-on:  offerings include everything from poetry and fiction to social media and blogging classes for writers.


The Writers’ Workshoppe is located in beautiful downtown Port Townsend and is a must-visit for writers and readers … and those who love them.


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  1. Lauren, it’s so worth it! It’s such a lovely store … not only wonderful book browsing but some of the very best gifts for writers I’ve seen. You will love it!

  2. Lauren Sapala

    This looks so cool! I used to live in Seattle, and now I’m bummed that I never knew about this place. The next time I get up to the PNW I am definitely going to take the ferry over and check it out.