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Bookstore Geek: New International Bookshop in Melbourne

While wandering around Melbourne’s Carlton neighborhood, we were thrilled to stumble upon The New International Bookshop, which calls itself “Melbourne’s famous radical bookshop.” A cooperative founded in 1994, the bookshop continued the tradition of the communist International Bookshop; learn more about the history here.

The bookshop, located in the Trades Hall union building, a wonderful selection of progressive books, and even has a section devoted to environmental books, which was wonderful to see. The bookshop carries new and classic left-wing titles on everything from socialism to anarchism to philosophy to feminism.

The store also has a great selection of shirts, bumper stickers, and cards.

There is also a large secondhand section in the store which features donated books and a cozy reading spot.

Don’t miss this treasure next time you’re in Melbourne … it’s well worth a visit!