"Raymond’s eye for telling detail is very fine, as one expects of an accomplished writer, but to this she adds the informing eye of a natural historian of place.”
— John Keeble, author of Nocturnal America
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Weekly Writing: Cheating

Write about the last time you cheated, whether it was on a partner, in a game, etc.


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Weekly Writing: Film School

Take a scene from something you’re working on, and put on a film-school hat. As director, screenwriter, cinematographer, musical producer, whatever — rewrite the scene as it would appear in a film, paying close attention to (you guessed it) the actions of the characters, the dialogue, the setting, the sounds. Then take note of what you’ve discovered about this new scene, and incorporate these elements into your project.


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Weekly Writing: Trees

Imagine passing a logging truck on the road. What does the image bring to mind: a new home, an empty forest? Write a scene that captures the image and your emotional reaction with as much detail as possible.

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Weekly Writing: Fog

Write about fog, whether it’s a marine layer at the coast or a cloud hovering between mountain peaks or a mist you’re driving through at night. Describe all the sensations and emotions that fog brings to mind.

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Weekly Writing: Color

Write about the color green and all its possible meanings and connotations. Next, write about the color blue. Then orange. Then purple.

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Weekly Writing: Vacation

I recently read about a study that revealed that people enjoy anticipating vacations even more than they enjoy taking vacations — apparently, the joy is in the looking forward rather than the being away.

With this in mind, write about a vacation you looked forward to that actually disappointed you. Next, write about a trip that was even better than you expected.

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Weekly Writing: Stops

Write about a rest stop.

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Weekly Writing: It’s all about you

Write the jacket copy for your memoir. (Remember: a memoir isn’t a summary of your life; it’s a story. What story would you tell if you could write only one book about your life?)

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Weekly Writing: Coveting

Write about something you stole, or wanted to steal. And why.

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Weekly Writing: History

Write about your favorite moment in history — and why. Then, write about a moment in history that makes you cringe, and why.

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Weekly Writing: Home

Write about a home you wish you still lived in.

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Weekly Writing: Strangers

Write about a stranger you met who had a surprising effect on your life — someone who met only briefly but have always remembered.

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Weekly Writing: Celebrate

Write about a recent celebration.

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Weekly Writing: Buyer’s remorse

Write about something you bought for the wrong reasons.

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Weekly Writing: Birthdays

Write about your birthday. What does it mean to you — now, and in earlier years — and how has this changed over time?

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