"Raymond’s eye for telling detail is very fine, as one expects of an accomplished writer, but to this she adds the informing eye of a natural historian of place.”
— John Keeble, author of Nocturnal America
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Weekly Writing: Buyer’s remorse

Write about something you bought for the wrong reasons.

May 26, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Birthdays

Write about your birthday. What does it mean to you — now, and in earlier years — and how has this changed over time?

May 19, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Clouds

Remember being young, looking at the clouds, and describing what they resembled, from elephants to unicorns? Take a moment to look out at the clouds and describe what you see. How does what you see now differ from the images you perceived as a child?

May 12, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Affordability

Write about something you can’t afford.

May 5, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Service, or lack thereof

Write about the worst service you ever had in a restaurant.

April 28, 2014   Comments Off

Bookstore Geek: Lyon Books in Chico, California

Chico, California, is a fun town — not only is it home to Cal State Chico (and hence a great many bars/restaurants and fantastic boutiques), it is home to Lyon Books, one of the most fabulous indie bookstores I’ve encountered in my many years of being a bookstore geek as well as an author.

I was privileged to enjoy Lyon Books not only as a reader but as a presenter (I spoke about book marketing to the wonderful Chico Authors & Publishers Society), and Heather Lyon and the CAPS writers were so incredibly welcoming. The store holds weekly events with a range of speakers, and CAPS holds its monthly meetings at the store. Lyon Books is one of those amazing bookstores that is truly a part of the community.

The store is beautiful and welcoming, with a wide array of new and used books, magazines, gifts, and cards that are thoughtfully arranged throughout the space. Among my favorites is the travel section, which features this globe and vintage suitcase:

If you’re ever in northern California, don’t miss the town of Chico … Lyon Books is worth a visit for all book lovers, but you’ll also enjoy Chico’s quaint downtown shopping, as well as Bidwell Park, one of the country’s 25 largest municipal parks. But do make sure you have enough time (and a good book budget) for Lyon Books!



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Weekly Writing: Windows

Write about the best window in your home.

April 21, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Randomness

Write about a seemingly random moment that changed your life — the accidental way you met your spouse, the random elective you took in school that changed the course of your career, etc.

April 14, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Missing pieces

Write about a missing button.

April 7, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Luck

Write about a time you won something, whether a literary award or a round of poker. Do you generally feel lucky or unlucky, and why or why not?

March 31, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Bumbershoots

Write about the last time you (or one of your characters) used an umbrella, as protection either from rain or from sun. Describe the scene in detail.

March 24, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Natural disasters

Write about a time your were at the mercy of nature, whether getting caught in the rain or in a tornado.


March 17, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly writing: Apologies

Write about a time you apologized.


March 10, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Something new

Write about something new in your neighborhood.


March 3, 2014   Comments Off

Weekly Writing: Damage

Write about a leaking roof…or window…or radiator. Be detailed, and create a scene (which may or may not be true to the actual story) around the damage or perceived damage.


February 24, 2014   Comments Off