Who knew?

By Midge Raymond,

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Okay, I’ve just learned that today, September 24, is National Punctuation Day.


Now, parts of this national holiday are a little frightening (such as the recipe for Punctuation Meatloaf), but otherwise I have to admire any effort to teach people about proper punctuation. On the NPD site, you can learn about the proper uses of everything from the ellipsis to the semicolon, as well as how the NPD founders are taking punctuation programs into the schools. The site even offers suggestions for how to celebrate National Punctuation Day.

Happy, correct punctuating to all.


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  1. Sean Truman Farley

    Oh, for me it would be the semicolon; I tend to use it too often (was that just a gratuitous display, or what?!). I love the idea of bringing correct punctuation to the masses. Now if we could only do the same for grammar. Recently, in lab, a student asked me to read a paper of his. I obliged. After I read it, I asked the young man, “Do you text a lot?” The young man looked at me, baffled. “Yes,” he said. I pointed out that, within his ACADEMIC paper, he had substitued the word ‘you’ for ‘u’ about five times. Sheesh!

  2. That is a fantastic idea!!!!! Clearly, I’d never be able to wear the exclamation point shirt, due to overuse violations. But I could proudly sport a semicolon. Or an em dash.
    Love it.

  3. I’m envisioning t-shirts… Each with one large punctuation mark as art. To wear it, you must know how to use it. They would be cute. Email and texting makes for bad habits, such I my tendency to use … Lots … Of … These! …and these : )