Writing exercise: review your own work

By Midge Raymond,

  Filed under: On Writing

As many of you know, I send out a writing exercise in each issue of my free e-newsletter for writers.

In the spirit of the new year — looking back, looking ahead — here it is:

Write a review of your current project (i.e., your novel, a poem, a story, etc.).

Take a step back from the work and try to see it objectively. Write the review as if the piece is already published, and be honest in terms of what works and what doesn’t (adopt the style of your favorite book reviewer if this helps you get some distance). Be specific — cite examples, quote from the work itself — and then put it away. Wait a week, then take out the review and look it over. Pay attention to what it tells you about your project: first, where you are, and second, where you’d like to be.

Enjoy — and let me know how it goes!

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