How to write a novel … and other tips for writers

By Midge Raymond,

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I stole the first portion of this headline from Nathan Bransford’s recent blog post, mostly because I love that he not only dared but quite successfully managed to fit so many key points about this “rotund, ginormous, massive, weighty, of-gargantuan-proportions” topic into one post. (I’d have begun with character development, but that’s just me.) And keep in mind that Nathan is not only a writer but a literary agent, so his advice comes at least in part from what he looks for in a new client. So if you’re writing a novel, or want to, check it out.

And, for all you really efficient novelists out there, Bransford followed up a couple days later with another post on how to write a query letter, also excellent, with plenty of helpful links.

And, if you’re curious about the path toward publication, I’m following a couple of authors’ adventures that you might also enjoy. On her wonderful blog Practicing Writing, Erika Dreifus offers “Pre-Publication Posts” on Thursdays, in which she writes about an aspect of the publication process as she prepares her own forthcoming book, Quiet Americans, for publication. She covers everything from e-books to review angst to readings — and she recently posted an excerpt from her story collection. Her blog is terrific every day of the week, so be sure to subscribe.

And John Yunker is blogging about taking the self-published route with his novel The Tourist Trail, which is another adventure entirely, though it has good tips for anyone with a forthcoming book, whether or not you’re your own publisher. Visit his blog to learn more about D.I.Y. publishing, from creating cover art to getting reviews, as well as book promotion and e-books.


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