The debut of the Weekly Writing Exercise

By Midge Raymond,

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Happy new year, writers!

There’s nothing like a new year to inspire us toward new writing resolutions (especially if some of last year’s goals didn’t quite make it to completion in 2010…or is this just me?).

One of my goals for the new year is to begin a regular writing practice — that is, not simply to focus on projects but on the joys of random writing (which, as we all know, can have marvelous effects on our writing projects, whether it’s generating new material or finding the perfect piece to an unresolved puzzle). So I’ve been getting up early (early! before sunrise, believe it or not) and taking the time to write before doing anything else (with the possible exception of making coffee, when necessary). And so far, so good.

I like to use writing prompts to jump-start my writing session (I need it, especially at such an early hour), and I’ve been using the revised edition of Judy Reeves’ wonderful book A Writer’s Book of Days. I also have a great many writing prompts saved up from years’ worth of teaching writing — and so I thought one way to stay inspired would be to offer them here.

So each week I’ll be posting a new writing exercise — one that I’ve made up, or I’ll feature one from another author’s collection. And if you have a writing exercise to share — or if you’d like to point me toward one — please contact me; I’d love to include it.

This week, I’d like to feature Judy’s prompt for January 3 (from A Writer’s Book of Days):

You’re in a courtyard.

Intriguing, isn’t it? Just the sort of prompt I love to see on an otherwise blank page.

Happy new year, and happy writing.


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  1. Great idea — it’s going on my blog, too.