Weekly Writing: Inside the writer’s studio

By Midge Raymond,

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Today’s Weekly Writing exercise is connected to my guest post over at the fabulous Savvy Verse & Wit blog, where I share some thoughts about my writing space (complete with before and after photos!). Come visit and share your own thoughts — but first, check out the exercise below, which is designed to get you thinking.

We all have our dreams of what a writing space should be, and I hope this three-part exercise gets you a little closer to your dream space:

1. Write a detailed description of your Dream Writing Space. Feel free to add images; make it a collage if you’d like — just be sure to use as many details as you can.

2. Describe your current writing space: the good, the bad, the ugly.

3. Write a page or so about how you can — right now — convert your current space into your Dream Writing Space, at least as much as possible. You may not be able to build yourself a cottage overlooking the ocean, but can you add a photo or painting of the sea instead, and let this be your window? You may not even be able to devote an entire room to writing, but can you clear out a space and arrange it so that it feels as though you have a room of your own? Get creative, have fun — and then get into that space and write.

And, of course, stop by Savvy Verse & Wit and tell us your thoughts. We’re also doing a Forgetting English giveaway!



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  1. Serena, I look forward to reading about it! And I hope you’ll post photos, too. 🙂

  2. What a great tie-in with the guest post. I love it. I did a post about my dream writing space as one of my first blog posts. I’m still working on my mess of a writing space in the new house, but I’ll be sure to blog about it once its finished.

    Thanks again for participating.