"Raymond has a gift for dispensing gentle, intelligent advice that even the most harried and overworked will find inspiring…Everyday Writing gives us permission to call ourselves writers, and found time to practice our craft.” —The Writer Magazine

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"[Everyday Writing] offers readers a variety of ways in which to fit a writing practice into the nooks and cracks of a busy existence."

"Everyday Writing is just what writers need…Raymond’s writing style is as engaging as her advice, and the writing prompts can be used for any project."

"What I love about Everyday Writing is that Midge Raymond doesn’t write from the heights of great accomplishment as a much-published writer (which she is) but from right down here in the trenches with the rest of us, trying to live the writing life in a world that doesn’t always cater to it. Practical and encouraging with refreshing touches of humor, Midge shows us how to use our everyday lives as material for our writing and offers intriguing prompts to get us started (from five minutes) and to keep us going (a weekend retreat). If you’re a writer looking for a friendly companion and supportive coach for your writing life, you’ll find her living in the pages of Everyday Writing."

Judy Reeves, author of Wild Women, Wild Voices and A Writer's Book of Days

Everyday Writing

Tips and prompts to fit your regularly scheduled life

"Raymond writes in a way that gives the reader real hope that a writing life is possible…Everyday Writing is a book worth owning and pocketing for those who struggle to make time for writing."

How to be a writer even when you can't write every day...

Writers are often told that in order to succeed, they must write every day—yet this isn’t realistic or feasible for writers with families, day jobs, and other responsibilities that preclude a daily writing practice.

Everyday Writing is about how to be a writer every day, even if you’re unable to sit down to write every day.

This book provides dozens of tips for busy writers, including how to create your ideal writing space, how to develop habits that work for you, and how to keep your projects moving forward even when you’re short on time. Everyday Writing also offers more than 150 prompts to fit into any writer’s life, from five-minute prompts you can do in a grocery store line to lengthy prompts that are perfect for a writing retreat. Whether you’d like to generate new material, free yourself from writer’s block, or start a revision, these writing exercises provide a way to engage immediately with your work.

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"Whether we're aspiring writers or already published, in this age of overcommitment and social media, we all lose connection to our writer-selves. Midge Raymond's cool, clear, lovely voice in Everyday Writing is the way back. This invaluable collection of writing prompts and sage advice should be on every writer's shelf—and used!—alongside Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird and Stephen King's On Writing."

Jenna Blum, author of New York Times & international bestsellers Those Who Save Us and The Stormchasers

"As a teacher of mid-career writers, I'm delighted with Midge Raymond's Everyday Writing. It's an Rx in my pedagogic pharmacopoeia. The subtitle, 'Tips and prompts to fit your regularly scheduled life,' suggests it as a personal tool to encourage and ease daily practice. I find myself prescribing its specific, bright, small exercises even to accomplished writers. The exercises are planks to throw across the moat of hesitation many of us encounter daily as we turn to our work. Here, I've been saying, start with these ten minutes of misdirection, and you'll likely arrive early in a right place. It's good for writers, and useful for writing teachers."

Mark Kramer, founding director of the Nieman Program on Narrative Journalism

"[Raymond] shows you how to find time and space to write, while offering a wealth of writing prompts to get you started when a blank screen or piece of paper is staring you in the face…One of the most useful things about Raymond's book is the list of more than 150 writing prompts she offers…Raymond's prompts are so intriguing."